Click on Kon the Bombardier to see video "Flying in the Nose."

Go to above link to see Squadron Home Page and link to current The Flyer issue.

See The Flyer Covers to date Flyer Covers

See other models in CAF Briefing Room HERE

Used Photoshop to cover up rivets and isolate Gary Velasco's amazing nose art for Squadron promotional needs and some other fun stuff :)

Squadron ad for The Dispatch

Squadron tri-fold brochure

FIFI and Lil in 3D

The B-24 and B-29 Banner were a collaborative project between our CAF team and Squadron/Signal. The B-24 Banner is 15' x 3' and is attached to the fuselage of "Diamond Lil" when she is on static display. The B-29 Banner is 13' x 3' and is attached to "FIFI's" forward bomb bay when she is on static display.

My favorite picture taken from "Diamond Lil's"right waist gun position of "FIFI" (Photo by KonKelley. May 12, 2012)

On tour in Memphis (2011). Pictured with James Clark, B-29 Bombardier.

I dared my friend, Lisa Foster, to go to an air show dressed as"Rosie the Riveter." Now Lisa does this all over the place and she is the best Rosie reenactor EVER!

Lisa "Rosie" Foster with display posters.

Hanging out with Rosie. She is cute :)

"Diamond Lil" postcard.

Monogram 1:48 B-24J Liberator with custom decals for "The Irishman's Shanty"

Return of the Shanty - CREW 713 Blog - With Director and Producer, Alex Mena

Returnof the Shanty link

Monogram 1:48 B-24J Liberator "Grumpy" with custom decals for my friend and Squadron member, S/Sgt Robert Phillips. Robert was a B-24 gunner for 38 missions in WWII and later had a long career with the Dallas Fire Department.

Just playing around with the "Support the Flyover"artwork. I erased the B-17s and added Lil, FIFI and Red Nose. Much better.

My friend, WWII veteran and B-29 Pilot/AC, Charles Chauncey, signs a model of his B-29 "Goin'Jessie"

See B-29 "Goin' Jessie" 3D model Goin Jessie

See 1:48 B-29 "Goin' Jessie" scale model Goin Jessie

Combined 3D models into a scene featuring the aircraft of my two good friends, 1st. Lt. Charles Chauncey and Captain Jerry Yellin.

Blue skies and tailwinds gentlemen.

No problem replacing the texture map on my 3D C-47 with"That's All Brother."

Designed poster for a special supersonic Squadron meeting.

Made 1:72 scale model of SR-71 for Blackboard pilot, Rich Graham to autograph.

Printing "FIFI" in 3D.

"Diamond Lil" Challenge Coin

"FIFI" Challenge Coin concept.

Made a lot of APHT ads and posters!

"Diamond Lil" Boarding Pass

"FIFI" Boarding Pass

"FIFI" Century Club patch

"Diamond Toni"

Original caricature done as a surprise thank you for CAF member, Toni Rabroker.

CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron Maintenance Shirt

Flying for the first time! In a T-34 Mentor with pilot,Al Benzing, August 2015.

1:72 T-34 Mentor Model with mini Al and Kon. Also on the Christmas Tree!

Dressed up as Santa Claus with a "FIFI" scale model.

Santa with his Little Helper, George

CAF Squadron Stearman in 1:48 scale

Stearman A-Frame

"FIFI" and "Doc" meet in 3D.

Made "FIFI" engine names vinyl lettering...and an accidental spare!

Facepainting FIFI.

Squadron Fly Day at DEA (2018).

Assembly Ships history and coloring fun

Made A LOT of meeting flyers and help Diamond Toni with event planning and content.

B-29s and Yosemite Falls.

Part of the interview the CAF did with me for The Dispatch.

"FIFI" in 2021