1:48 B-25 Mitchell "Doolittle Raider"

with Col. Dick Cole's signature (Jimmy Doolittle's co-pilot)

A gift for my friend, Al Benzing

At a CAF event in 2015, Dick Cole signed two painted 1:48 B-25 scale model wings. I'd make the models later. It was nearly his 100th birthday, so I gave him a tiny B-25 and he posed with it and my daughter, Katie.

The finished model with Col. Cole's signature.

Added weights to the nose and engines so it isn't a tail-sitter.

Just one figure in the cockpit. A young Dick Cole doing the pre-flight check.

Made some "broomsticks for tail guns"

"Mark Twain" bomb sight.

"Army pilots man your planes!"

Japanese friendship medals tied to the bombs.

A very happy Al Benzing with me.

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