A Son is Born! August 28, 1998

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Kon and wife, Whitney (1996)

Kon and wife, Whitney (1896)

Kon and wife, Whitney (2096)

Konk and woman, (20,000,096 BC)


Daughter, Katie



Breaking news! Santa caught! More at 11:00.

Hi Kurt!

Sunflowers of 1999.le

Distant cousins?

The Kelley's wore khakis. (July 1, 2000)

Katie at the Wildflower Festival (May, 2001)

Katie and Kurt Kelley (September, 2001)

Defending the Alamo! (February, 2002)

Big sister and little brother (October, 2002)

"Howdy folks!"

Kurt, Katie, and Big Tex

Texas State Fair, 2003

The Kelley pets

Christmas, 2004 (OK - my shirt isn't red...sorry!)

Kurt goes to the Dark Side.

Halloween, 2005

Christmas, 2005

Queens on a Queen.

Rockport Pier, Spring 2006

Platinum Blonde.

Fishing in Alaska, August, 2006

Leadership Garland visit to Texas Capitol, April 2007

Hair today. Gone tomorrow.

Contest winner! Kurt as "Davy Jones" Halloween2007


Kurt Kelley, All American

Texas Kelley's Christmas, 2007

Yeah...he dug it.

Kon and wife, Whitney (2008)

Katie as the world's most famous Hockey Mom, "GovernorSarah Palin," Halloween 2008

Mavericks win! Division Champs 2009

Kurtis Kelley and teammates

Blalack Middle School, DESTINATION IMAGINATION Team, RegionalChamps 2009

Katie Kelley and teammates

My running buddy, Missy. She helped me lose 40 lbs. (Aug,2009)


I love the mountains!


Colonel Kelley of the Commemorative Air Force

B-29 / B-24 Squadron based at Addison, Texas

Katie as "Princess Fiona" in Shrek the Musical,Creekview HS 2013

I think they are ready for Star Fleet Academy.

Family 2013.

The World Famous "Marmot Bob." My Father, BobKelley, puts on a great show.

Katie as "Wednesday" in Addams Family Musical,Creekview HS 2014

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Bob and Lu-Ann Kelley holding hands with Presidents.

Katie singing with the Joshua Experience, May 2015

Katie's High School Graduation Announcement, 2015

Kurt as "Jean Michel" in Cinderella, CreekviewHS 2015

Kurt as "Captain Von Trapp" in The Sound of Music,Creekview HS 2016

CHS Wrangler, Kurt Kelley

Kurt's High School Graduation Announcement, 2017

Family 2017.

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