My friend Mike gave me a Monogram 1:48 AT-6 Texan scale model for my birthday. I loved building this kit. It has a detailed interior and wonderful figures. I painted and decaled it to be an Army trainer. 17,000 models of this aircraft were built and many were used as advanced trainers before pilots entered the combat zone.

Below are pics I took of my finished "Texan." Unfortunately, she is posed at "I Love Lucy" airport (on a cutting board in my kitchen in front of my wife's "I Love Lucy" collectibles).

I decided this just wasn't gonna do. I am a 3D artist so I asked myself, "Why not build a 3D airfield?" I began diagraming what would become "Whitney Field," a classic 1940's rural Texas Army airfield.

I posed the Texan in a few shots before the finished 3D airfield. She looks pretty good - much better than she did posed in front of Ethel and Lucy. As you can see, my work on the airfield really "took off" and I also built a flight museum. This neat concept lets me put my original 3D models from all ages of flight into one environment. I can also direct people to an art gallery to see my other 3D work.

Enjoy your visit to Whitney Field and please drop by the tower to say hello.


"A Texan builds a Texan" wins at Squadron's 2010 Eagle Quest